The Treasure Ship Looking Over Panama City Beach, Thomas Drive & The Grand Lagoon Area For 33 Years!

Enjoy A Look At Your Treasure Ship Restaurant With Your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide Here On Panama City Beach!

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Welcome To Panama City Beach, Florida. This section of our site is a tribute to the Treasure Ship Restaurant that towered over Panama City Beach located at 3605 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach, FL 32408

This Mighty Ship which housed our most popular restaurant here on Panama City Beach, kept her tireless watch over the Grand Lagoon Marina and served as a major attraction serving area visitors from near and far for 33 Years!

What are your favorite Seafood, Steak or Fresh From The Gulf Or Grill Seafood Entrees served at the Treasure Ship Restaurant ?

What Are Your Favorites On The Wide Variety Treasure Ship Restaurant Menu?

Dining Guest on the Treasure Ship's multiple levels enjoyed the many Captain's Treasures that awaited them including almost any type of Seafood, Fish, Shrimp, Salmon, Skillet Broiled Shrimp Scampi, Redfish Royale, Snapper, Crab, Crab Cakes, Crab Legs, Calamari, Flounder, Fillet Of Grouper, Fresh Florida Oysters, Fresh Grouper, Mahi-Mahi,  Alligator Nuggets for the bold, Surf & Turf Combos, Hand Cut Certified Angus Beef Char Grilled Steak.

Those famous deserts like their Delicious Key Lime Pie, Koko-Moko Rum Pie, Giant Bread Pudding, New York Style Cheesecake and countless other delicious deserts and signature entree items enjoyed by the Treasure Ship's Many Visitors and Guest!

Dinner, Drinks and Classic Delicious Deserts awaited those at the Treasure Ship Restaurant!

So many favorites are were enjoyed by all here on the Treasure Ship Restaurant Menu!

Of course the Treasure Ship is famous for her Fresh From Florida Seafood. Her kitchen crew's flame broilers also put out very Tasty Certified Angus Beef Hand Cut Steak as well!

10 Oz. Top Sirlion Steak At The Treasure Ship!


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We Would Love Some Great Photos Of Treasure Ship good times To post on our site to share with everyone here Under The Sun! 

Do you maybe have some old fun family photos wearing Treasure Ship Pirate Hats or even some photos of the restaurant itself? Don't be shy as we would really like to see them!

We can certainly use more pictures of the good this restaurant produced in her years of service.

This section of our site is intended to let the spirit of The Treasure Ship live on. It lives within your heart and you can help us keep it alive here on the site for those to come!

Please Contact Us In Our Business Office and we would love to add some of your own great pictures to add to this special section to help everyone remember the magic here of the World Famous Treasure Ship On Panama City Beach, Florida. Thanks in advance for any help or pics that you may be able to provide us with.

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The Treasure Ship Restaurant

Panama City Beach, Florida

A look back at the mighty ship that overlooked the Grand Lagoon area on Thomas Drive for 33 Years and the most important role in which she served to both the locals and Bay Area Visitors alike.

The Treasure Ship Three Story Spanish inspired replica towered over Thomas Drive & our Grand Lagoon Marina area for 33 Warm & Wonderful Years here as a fixture and major part of what would become our World Famous Landscape to be enjoyed by the World Over as they visited our shores of the Emerald Coast!

The Treasure Ship Silently Watching Over The Grand Lagoon Area!

Many have asked what happened and many have seen the unfortunate coverage of how this majestic vessel sadly and most unfortunately departed us here on Panama City Beach. 

No matter how long one might have lived here in Panama City, To drive on Thomas Drive at night and to see her towering red flashing mast marker lights shining brightly in the night sky and to feel the ocean breeze of the area was like a beacon of life for the millions who pass through our shores. This giant Ship was a timeless landmark for the P.C.B. area that will surely be missed by these millions and those yet to come in search of this elegantly apportioned mighty gallant wonder overlooking the sea from our Grand Lagoon here on Panama City Beach, Fl.

This area now on Thomas Drive stands as only a void with a looming cloud of darkness in our once complete landscape of this coastal community as experienced by the many who enjoyed this magnificent architectural recreation of this over scale replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind in which this vessel was originally patterned after and so magnificently handcrafted and even enhanced from. 

Before we show you the all too popular images of her untimely demise here on the Emerald Coastal shores. We wanted to take a look back and remember the good in which she bestowed upon us and take a peek at her glorious splendor in which she so beautifully and most calmly and confidently projected over our sandy shores here on our sugar white sands of Panama City Beach, Florida. 

Unfortunately we are most unfortunately quite limited in the number of images we currently have to show you. Here at the Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide, We really wanted to share these with you and we thought everyone would appreciate this small sampling and a little bit of sparkle and magic they created for many of us around our newsrooms and the hearts within our staff hare at your Panama City Sun. 

We hope they do the same for you, the residents of Panama City Beach and even the Family and Staff of The Treasure Ship Restaurant! We wish everyone who helped make the Treasure Ship the unforgettable Icon that it became from the Dishwasher, Groundskeeper, Kitchen Staff, Cooks, Chefs, Waiters & Waitresses all the way up to the ownership and family of the Treasure Ship, really everyone who helped make the wonder of the treasure ship happen. We would like to extend our deepest heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for the future for their original gift and contribution of one of the many wonders that would put Panama City Beach on the must see tourism map for those seeking the best beach vacations in the World. The Treasure Ship was almost certainly a most memorable component of so many of your trips here to P.C.

A Peek At The Main Dining Room Within The Treasure Ship!Surf & Turf Steak & Shrimp Special Available At The Treasure Ship Restauarant!

Most of us here at your Panama City Sun were frequent visitors of the various restaurants here within the Treasure Ship regardless if it was Hooks Grille & Grog, Captain Crabby's or the main dining room with her beautiful elevated view of the Magnificent Grand Lagoon & Marina area here on Thomas Drive. Unfortunately most of the normal interior pictures we have on file are much too dark in their lighting exposure due to the Ship's calm, subtle but most elegant lighting that warmly washed over her dining guest as they enjoyed her spectacular multitude of dining options from casual to the more elegant offered over her years in service. You could take in any type of seafood or land lovers entree of your choosing or imagination and enjoy the scenic view of the Grand Lagoon from almost any table in the restaurant regardless of which tasty choice your eyes, stomach and heart had set their gaze upon.

Our own staff here at the Sun would often meet here on various projects and we frequently made casual or even fun pictures over these business meetings, but out of respect her many dining guest. We always do not use flash photography inside restaurants during normal dining operation out of respect for other dining guest as not to break the mood for the many others enjoying the delicious samplings continuously rolled out of her many well staffed and top equipped kitchens within the levels of the ship. The pictures we are showing are made during light business hours often when her doors were just opening for dinner to serve the many waiting for her seafood catch of the day surprises. We were trying to give a feel for the restaurant interior rather than the huge crowds in which her many levels of dining adventure would frequently draw into her decks of this splendid ship.

Captain Anderson's Marina View from the Main Dining Room Of The treasure Ship!

Anyone dining  could see clearly see over to the Captain Anderson's Marina area and watch as the Lady Anderson multi level dinner cruise ship (as seen on the left) departed or returned through the lagoon area to the Waters of the Gulf of Mexico for her dining cruses or take in the number of other docked touring vessels such as the (toward the right) Sea Dragon Pirate Cruse (red larger Ship) or the Sea Screamer (yellow) or the wide variety touring and fishing crafts as seen in our Amusement Attractions Section here on your Panama City Sun World Visitors Guide.

We often looked forward to a visit to the the Top Deck of the Treasure Ship to take in the gentle Ocean Breeze and calm scenic view after a long day's work. The view off the top of the Treasure ship, The Main Dining Room or Dockside was always something to enjoy as you watched the boats coming and going in the marina and watched the fisherman in the area managing their eagerly anticipated fresh seafood catch of the day from our Gulf Of Mexico.

Top Deck Of The Treasure Ship Restaurant!

Enjoy a look over the Grand Lagoon Marina as often we frequently enjoyed from the Starboard Top Side of The Ship.

The Grand Lagoon Marina View From The Top Of The Ship!

Many of you have had the pleasure to do this as well and now that this will no longer be available, We wanted to share it with you here on the site for generations to come! Here are a couple of larger pictures of the Main Dining Room as will never be seen again for you to take in.

The Warm Lighting Of The Treasure Ship Makes The Perfect Setting For A Nice Evening Dining Expereince!

Almost any seat in the house gave you the warm panoramic view of the Grand Lagoon area. Guest eagerly await the arrival of the day's seafood catch to be served up fresh here in the restaurant. The Large Windows overlooking the water are always a treat for the guest overlooking the docks on the Treasure Ship Marina area.

This ship was originally built in 1977 and served her first tour of duty in 1978 serving up everything from the simple casual lunch on the marina docks to first class dinners in the original Top Dining Room on the stern of her top deck which became Captain Crabby's. Almost everyone who visited our sugar white sands of the one & only World Famous Panama City Beach marveled in the authentic recreation and highly detailed curvature of her mighty hull visible from all around. Many were in awe as you walked the meticulously and immaculately finished wood decks that awe inspired millions from Young to Old who toured her multiple levels of adventure that you could select at will depending up on your mood. You could go in for a nice relaxing evening or partake in the activates with the local pirates that would want to make you learn the art of the sword as they toured, patrolled and enhanced the atmosphere and realism enjoyed by all on the Treasure Ship Restaurant.

Kids enjoyed frequent fun face painting and the balloon art created by the courteous pirates and would take home a lifetime memory and great experience here on this fabulous Pirate adorned mighty vessel who served almost everyone from all walks of life with a diversity of programs and entertainment over the years with a Restaurant, A Once Very Vibrant Nightlife Spot and her exclusive Treasure Ship Gift items no one could leave Panama City Beach without. Perhaps as you read this you might have Treasure Ship cocktail drink glasses sitting on your shelf at home or you might even be wearing one of the countless millions of Treasure Ship T-Shirts out there enjoyed by so many around the Globe!

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For The Conclusion and the Untimely Fate of this Beautiful Vessel and her service to the Bay County, Panama City Beach Area. CLICK HERE, Warning You May Find Images Most Disturbing After taking the calm wonders in which we have shared on this page!

We Hope You Have Enjoyed this special section of our site and Using Your Fun In The Panama City Sun Source, and we welcome you to visit the site to see what's new under the Sun For Panama City, Florida.